Sterling eLearning frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About Sterling eLearning
What is Sterling eLearning all about?

Sterling eLearning is an online learning platform that offers professional learning to youths and adults from different parts of the world.

Who are the tutors and authors of the courses?

Courses on Sterling eLearning are written by professionals in the specific fields and subject areas. At the moment, there are over Fifty (50) instructors working on courses in various fields.

Learning Experience
How many hours per week are learners expected to put in?

Answer: Learners are expected to familiarize themselves with the commitment requirement for each course. At the moment, the maximum amount of time required per week for learners is 6 hours.

Is there a schedule for the classes?

Classes are flexible. Meaning learners can come online and learn at their own preferred time allowing people from different parts of the world to follow up.

Will learners get a certificate at the end of a course?

All learners will get a certificate at the end of each course. To earn a certificate, learners will need to complete all assigned tasks in the course.

How will learners get their certificates?

Certificates will be sent as safe attachments to the emails provided by the learners.

How can I make payment for a course I want?

Payments can be done using different online and offline platforms, including Paystack, Paypal and bank transfers.

If I pay for one course, am I required to pay again for another course?

Payments are made for single courses only. This means that learners will be required to pay for other courses if they wish to enrol.

Are there scholarships available for learners?

There are no structured scholarships right now for learners. Time to time individuals make payment for some learners to take courses for free. When these types of scholarships are available, it will be communicated via email.

Application and Enrolment Process
What is the application process like?

Learners are expected to complete a short form that takes their personal information when enrolling and make payments via their preferred payment options.

Is there a way I can be supported with the application process

If you encounter any challenges with the application process, kindly email hello@sterlinglrs.com or send a Whatsapp message to +2347045824774