SPEED is designed for young and middle-level professionals, entrepreneurs, fresh graduates and anyone who is looking at building the skill sets required for being effective at a place of work or running a business enterprise.

The Course Includes:

1 downloadable learning journal
20 downloadable resources
Certificate of Completion
Post-course mentorship and support

What the Course Covers:
1. Complete guide on improving Self Awareness
2. Setting SMART Personal Goals and how to work on them
3. Five Essential Employability Skills (Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Collaboration, Problem Solving Skills, Organizational Skills, and Managing Deadlines and Working Under Pressure)
4. Guidance on how to turn your ideas to a business
5. Tips on writing a business plan and marketing a product or service

Length: 3 weeks (3 hours per week)

Language: English

Enrollment Dates: 8th to 20th September 2020

Course Dates: 21st September to 12th October 2020

Cost: N3800

Mode of Delivery: 100% Online, Mentorship online and offline