Sterling Learning and Research Solutions is a consultancy firm delivering online and offline learning and development consultancy services to clients in Nigeria and other parts of the world. We boast in the experience and competence of a team of individuals based in Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, United Kingdom and the US.

Our Skills

Youth Programmes


Health Interventions


Education Programmes


Agriculture and Livelihood Programmes


Social Accountability and Governance


Gender and Social Inclusion




Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

We are keen on delivering excellent services to our clients using our knowledge and experiences of the sectors that we work in.

Project Management

We work with the private, corporate and development partners to provide technical support in design, implementation and evaluation of high-impact projects for the poor and marginalized. At request, we also design, implement and evaluate projects on behalf of clients.

Knowledge management

We provide technical assistance to organizations in conceptualizing, creating and sharing knowledge products. We also support in designing strategic campaign and IEC materials for organizations.

Organizational Development and Training

We deliver training aimed at building the capacity of start-up organizations and training tailored to meet organizations’ specific needs. We also design and train on tools for organizational capacity development.

Team Building

We deliver out-of-office sessions for team building. Sessions are designed on the demand of clients from different sectors.


We design tools to fit into our clients’ research interest and also provide technical assistance in carrying out academic and non-academic research in small and large scale.

Proposal Development

We provide technical support and work with organizations to develop award-winning proposals in the profit and non-profit sectors.